Learning how to stay…

Day 16 in at Capital Hostel de Cuidad in San José. It has been truly wonderful to stay in this hostel. It became my home. I realised I had everything I needed: A comfy bed, a good equipped kitchen, many different outside spaces, a living room and everything beautifully designed.

So last week I thought I would leave after my project was done. Note quite, but almost. Inspiration came immediately! Exactly one day later after I launched this site. I know, if we don’t resist the flow of life, that everything will fall into place. It will take patience, but it will be rewarded. I was guided to something that I am currently looking into and if it is meant to be, I will be soon on a journey to the South of Costa Rica again. But more about that next time 🙂

BTW: This is the view from above the hostel. Thank you Jakob for the footage 🙂 It was fun filming it!

Last week taught me how to stay. This week I was contemplating, when it is best to leave a situation, when you might have overstayed your welcome even. When it is actually harming you. If there is no clear answer coming through, although you are investigating and exploring both your thoughts and feelings, then you might have to let it be and find peace within that. At least for a while. And finding an antidote until we hear an answer coming through.

What is my antidote? So, I used to own a Vitamix for years – one of those powerful blenders I used to do my smoothies, oat milk or hummus with. Technically I still have it, but I can’t travel with it. My friend Safuan from Kuala Lumpur did. At the airport they thought it was a bomb because the lower part was in the hand luggage and well I guess it easily can be mistaken as bomb. (Sorry Saffy! 😉
He brought it with him to KL for me, because I thought I would move there last year. Well that didn’t happen. Instead I spent most of my time in Bali. Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected.

But hey, I wanted to talk about JOY! Do you know what brings you joy? I know. Healthy tasty food – yummy! Not easy when traveling, but that is all in our head. Anything is possible I believe.
Everything started with a craving for cinnamon and a homemade warm comforting meal. I went to the super market – the smaller kind. I made a veggie, potatoes stew with curry, cumin and cinnamon. I savoured every bite.

A few days later, I felt that I needed to change my diet. My body was whispering to me. No more toast for breakfast one day. No more cheese the next. Finally the sugary peanut butter on another day. Body, are you sure about this!? I am not supposed to eat any of the lovely breakfast anymore??

The answer was loud and clear: YES!

One day, the owner of the hostel was walking with a blender through the kitchen. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew I needed one of these. She gave me the address of a store and when getting off the bus in San Jose City Center, I landed almost at the entrance of a home electronics shop – not the one she mentioned – but anyway. I went in and got one. I am sure we will have lots of fun together.

She had great recommendations for getting super foods as well. Right in time as I was looking it up the day before. I ended up stocking up on Chia & Hemp Seeds, Moringa Powder, Coconut Oil and fresh organic produce like chard, spinach and cilantro. I also went to the Central Market. Fascinating place. I finally got cocoa powder as well. But what really caught my interest were the many stalls with fresh and dried herbs, some kind of brews in bottles and different kinds of bark etc. I got myself some rosemary amongst others. I smelled it and felt immediately grounded. And apparently that is what it does! I am super interested in herbalism and the healing power of plants in general. There is so much wisdom out there.

The next day I had the chance to go shopping with the hostel owner at a Price Smart and I got myself a big pack of cashews, almonds, avocado, hummus, mango, frozen blueberries etc. Not cheap, but actually much cheaper than in an actual super market. At that stage I was already super happy! Can it get even better? Yes, absolutely! Once I put everything together on the table and taking photos. Always loved it.

This is how pure joy looks like! For me at least:


Can it getter better than that? Yes, I found tahini and almond butter – a little sweetened with stevia – perfect for cravings. And Coconut Milk, so I could do my own coconut yoghurt via fermentation and a little help of chia seeds.

So yes Healthy eating is possible while traveling. Go with the flow and the things you really need will come your way. Don’t force it, don’t go grab it. When you are ready, the door will open.

  • Learn how to stay and how to wait until things come to you
  • Learn how to let be and find your antidote
  • Listen to your body’s whispers – it is a lot to tell you
  • Do the things that bring you joy

Happy Full Moon and Spring Equinox! A new cycle is starting – Embrace it!


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